November 2, 2020 By Pandy Off

Pandy Roast on Order Service

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans delivered direct to your home

For most people, their initialization into the coffee world probably originated with common chains like Starbucks.  Those were the places where we meet, socialize, discuss business and even romance. However, as we gained more appreciation of the black stuff, we begin to demand more – better quality, better beans, better aroma, richer taste, and more.  We turned to experiencing commercial branded coffee beans like Lavaza and illy and then onto niche coffee brands. But the thought at the the back of our heads was “Really…how fresh are these??”. Hence, we turned to roasting our own coffee. After much feedback from friends, colleagues and guest, we thought we’d offer a special roast on order service for coffee enthusiast whom really appreciate a fresh cup of flavor.


With Pandy Coffee’s roast to order service, your coffee order is freshly roasted, packaged and delivered to you. We roast upon order, and record the roast log against your specific order, which allows us to timestamp your roast to the minute the beans are dropped from the drum.

Be rest assured that our coffee are not lying around becoming stale while we wait for the next order.  In fact, we advise customers to consume their coffee a few days after they’ve receive their order to enjoy the optimal coffee experience.  In fact, the first 24-48 hours after roasting is called a resting period and optimal freshness will be from the 3rd day onwards.  Pandy Cafe is a Singapore based micro specialty roaster, we ensure that beans are shipped within 24 hours of roasting and coupled with local logistics, you should be getting them on the 3rd day.  Anything before this period, the coffee beans are probably are too fresh to be at their best anyway.

To see if your coffee is fresh, simply grind your beans and try brewing them in a open-drip filter.  Simply pour boiled, not boiling, filtered hot water over the grounds and watch the ground swell up from the release of carbon dioxide gas. Now that’s what we call good coffee.