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How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Pandy Pour over coffee

When making pour-over coffee, the two biggest factors are:

  1. Coffee bean quality
  2. Purity of water

However, every detail matters. Getting a consistent grind coarseness, using proper measurements, and having the right temperature water will also improve how your cup of joy tastes.  Pandy uses the medium grind in our drip bags.

What you’ll need:

  • Pandy Drip Coffee Bags are grind to medium coarseness and weights 12g each
  • Filtered water (we think it really makes a difference)
  • Water kettle (something with a gooseneck spout is best for pouring)

There are many variations to how much water to use.  We recommend you vary this according to taste but we use 1g of coffee to 14ml of water.  This might sounds like a lot of water but sometimes coffee is made unnecessarily strong to hide bean or water imperfections.  So for a fresh cup of rich aromatic coffee, you’d need 168ml of water. 

Next bring the water to a boil and then wait about 20 seconds.  Then wet the filter bag with just enough hot water to saturate it and activate the coffee.  Then slowly pour just enough water to cover the coffee grounds so the coffee can “bloom.” Then wait 45 seconds. This is a step that lets gas escape from the coffee to help improve the overall flavor. After the bloom, start pouring the remaining hot water over the coffee in small circles. Focus your pouring mostly in the inner circle, pouring near the edges occasionally to consistently wet the grounds.  Lastly, remove the bag and enjoy!

Tip: Before pouring coffee, warm your cup using any leftover hot water. Just be sure to dump the excess water before enjoying your coffee. Enjoy fresh, or cover and refrigerate up to 24 hours.