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The Coffee View

Our story

Originally a home roasting project, Pandy Cafe Specialty Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, and the desire to spread the love of infectiously delicious coffee. Sourced and roasted with exceptional care and passion, our goal is simple: deliver a premium coffee experience to our friends & customers. We provide custom roasting services to a variety of businesses and organizations including: coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, co-work spaces, and more. 

With a fanatical attention to quality, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative techniques, our aim is to make coffee as approachable, accessible, and delicious as possible. 

At Pandy, we seek to find highest quality raw (green) coffee we possibly can. To do this, we work the best importers in the world to acquire fresh and vibrant green coffee from the world’s most renowned and sometimes undiscovered coffee producing regions. Our focus is on coffee sourced from single farms, co-ops, and villages. Working on this level we can showcase, with a greater level of detail, the subtle differences in flavor and cup characteristics of each producers and micro-region.

We love coffee talk, and are no coffee snob, so reach out to us to find out more about what we offer.